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Yo. I'm known as Ahou on DeviantArt and Yorugami on GaiaOnline.

This is my main art shop here on DeviantArt and something to fund my quest to become a freelance artist. Still not familiar with the new options available on DA since I haven't been here for a long long while now. One of these days I'll try to find out what Deviantart points are for.

|| About my ART ||

Feel free to ask me about how I do my stuff. I'm not the type for Streaming though because I'm too shy. But I will answer inquiries as well as I can. O v O b

Main Art Style: Digital Art

Tools of the Trade:

  • Open Canvas Plus 4.06E
  • Photoshop CS4
  • WACOM Bamboo


  • Will do girls now but only in simple wear (not overly jeweled or lace galore : / )
  • OCs (are loved, even more loved if supernatural or fantasy based and MONSTERBOIS! 8D)
  • Also willing to do CUSTOM CHARACTER CREATION for you within my limits. O v O
  • Dragon/Creature Gijinkas - I would love to design one for you no extra charge! 8D
  • Will also do Fanart if it's a fandom I follow (might even do couples)
  • Written descriptions with no pic refs are fine (just gotta trust me with what I see from your words)
  • Can also do full Anthro (although not into full avians because feathers are such a pain)
  • MMORPG style clothing (without armor + weapons of course), like Ragnarok, Soul and Blade etc...
  • High Fantasy/Magic/Ye Olden/Asian Myth inspired (non-modern OCs)
  • Nature inspired OCs, Plant-based and Nature-based OCs
  • Elves/Sprites/Mythical Creatures/Monster Boys-Men
  • Hipster clothing for males (limited to hoodies, jeans, sweaters, scarves anything more, NO)
  • LotR, Game of Thrones, Da Vnci's Demons style of clothes (except armor..can't do armor)
  • Robes and Sweeping Cloth-type Outfits (not too sure about face-veils though.. : / )
  • -Kemonomimis/Nekomimis/Fantasy creature Human-Hybrids
  • -ARTISTIC FREEDOM and the option to outfit design for your OC


(and don't force me)

  • Overly feminine girls in huge lace gowns and cluttery jewelry (includes the girly looking boys)
  • Super cluttered dragons D: or anything to do with Mecha or armor plating or gears OTL
  • Armor/Weapons (Staves and Spears I can do )
  • Jewelry and fancy glitterbombs galore. I just am not so good with tiny detailing like that.
  • Modern Wear (but I might be persuaded if I'm inspired by it...but rarely)
  • Punk style/Futuristic styles (Just not good at that style of fashion : / )
  • BDSM style OCs (Chains, Belts and Black leathers all over)
  • Crossdressers/extremely effeminate men
  • Couples/Groups
  • Long long long hair (anything waist and down is NO)
  • All goggles
  • RL people
  • Mechas/Robotic


  1.  OPEN!
  2.  OPEN!
  3.  OPEN!


WARNING: It'll be a wait time of 2 weeks to 1 month or so for the Art due to possible iRL complications, will likely be online sporadically almost everyday. If you're ever concerned about the wait of your art, feel free to PM me. (GMT +8 )

More samples can be found @ my TUMBLR
You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM


1. Will send my PayPal details via PM when commission is confirmed
2. PayPal fees will be shouldered by the commissioner. Please use this Fee Calculator to add on the amount of Paypal fee to the base price of your commission.
3. Payment is either 1/2 upfront, or full payment. If 1/2, will show you a watermark when I'm done, then 2nd half of the agreed payment is paid, before I give you the full finished piece.


Payment upfront, or at least 1/2 upfront and the other 1/2 after the art is sent.


* any backgrounds that requires me to draw features for landscapes
additional + 15$ (monochrome), and +35$ if full color ( additional fees for more complex

Character Creation (Including Gijinkas)
|==COLOR/MONOCHROME: Price by style chosen from below ==|
Basically create a custom character for you with specifications
provided for you. I can also do a Gijinka of creatures/animals/ things
from other websites. Just fill out a form and we'll work through the
idea/concept design. O v O



|==COLOR: T 10$ + Paypal Fee == |



|== Color: 15$ + Paypal Fee == |



|== Color: 30$ + Paypal Fee == |



|== Color: 50$ + Paypal Fee == |



A Feather Line


Picture Reference:

Character Description:

Hair | Eye | Skin -Colors:

General Color Theme of Character:

Type of Commission:

Post Location: (DA/GAIA/FR etc)


Outfit okay to Redesign?

Anything Else I should note for the commission?

EXTRA INFO for Character Design:


Nationality/Race Preference:

Hair style:

Tattoos/Scars/Markings/Piercings: (Yes or No?)

Personality: (few phrases to describe the character)

Degree of Humanity: (Full human, Half-Creature, Full creature or...?)

  • Listening to: RE7 let's plays


ahou's Profile Picture
Yorugami Ahou
Artist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Favourite genre of music: Pop-Music
Favourite style of art: Digital art
Personal Quote: Worry not about the past nor the future just enjoy the present~
Loves all the dragons!

I can be found on Gaia Online and Flight Rising as Yorugami!
On instagram I'm known as yorugami_ahou


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